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An Americana Folk Country Rock family duo from Winnie, TX. These two bring a roots feel and groove to the country and rock genres. They harmonize voices, harmonicas, and a whining fiddle to a rock back beat. The lyrics are nostalgic and addicting, drawing you in closer and more personal. But they come from humble beginnings. Raised by a family of farmers, saddle makers, construction workers, military veterans, and musicians, better known to them as their parents and grandparents, it’s worth noting these guys know hard work. Both are craftsmen of their respective construction trades and own a small construction business together in Winnie. Seasoned in life as they say.

Both of their parents were successful musicians that were in and out of Nashville. Some say it’s a gift, but for these two, it’s genetic. It was only a matter of 10 years into their childhoods before they realized their gifts. For 18+ years these brothers have dabbled in every style and genre of music from jazz to metal, and from screamo to folk. To say the least, their influences are far and wide.

John Teague, the oldest of the brothers, fronts the group with his unique take on lyric and energized showmanship.  He provides a strong rhythm guitar with tasteful use of harmonica.  He started his musical journey as a child on guitar and singing in a choir since he was 7 years old.  Song writing came later in life, but creative writing started from the time he could write the alphabet.  In his mother's attic are hand written scary stories and fantasy fiction from grade school.  Throughout his life he's played drums for several bands and sang for even more.  In 2008-2012 he served in the U.S. Army and did one tour in 2010 to Iraq.  Those 4 years would be the only time away from making music.  Just as gasoline fuels fire, so does life's experiences fuel creativity.  Not long after, he started officially the Teague Brothers Band we know and love today.

Matthew Teague, the youngest of the two brothers, brings the driving harmonies and lead guitar to the band.  He has provides most unique approach to composing the band's progressive style tones.  Don't let his laid back appearance fool you, he sets a fret board a blaze when the song does call to him.  Like John, he began singing in choirs and playing guitar from a very young age.  He played in school band as well, giving him a deep understanding of music composition.  For some, the fundamentals go in one ear and out the other, but for him it was deeply embedded.  His skillful guitar picking at a young age, is what actually inspired John to start playing guitar as well.  Long phone calls with his Dad (skilled guitar player), provided the closest thing to a lesson to this mostly self-taught guitar picker. To this day, he pushes the band to be best they can be on and off the stage.

Tyler Tassin, the drummer out of Vidor, TX provides the pace for the brothers.  He hails from a background in rock, metal, and funk playing, similar to Matt and John.  His playing could be described as technical, powerful, and satisfying.  He provides the perfect amount of punch to highlight the ebb and flow at the Teague Brother's core, song writing. 

Ladies and gentlemen, the core of the Teague Brothers Band. 

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Meet the Band

Core Members:

John Teague - Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica - From Winnie TX

Matt Teague - Vocals / Lead Guitar  - From Winnie TX

Tyler Tassin - Drums - From Vidor TX

Accompanied by:

Bass, Fiddle, Mandolin, or Keys

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